Let's explore FIPS/ISO Algorithm Transitions

This eBook will help you understand the dynamic world of cryptographic algorithms and how they are evolving today and into the future. 


Learn The Future Standards of Cryptographic Algorithms

This guide will offer you a no-nonsense walk-through of the current state and future changes to FIPS/ISO standards for digital signatures, random bit generation, key agreement, key wrapping, hash functions, message authentication codes (MACS) and so much more. If you are a cryptographic module developer or vendor you'll find the tables and legends of this guide invaluable. Much of this information is derived from NIST Special Publication 800-131A Rev 2, Transitioning the Use of Cryptographic Algorithms and Key Lengths.

FIPSISO Algorithm Transitions Cover

What you’ll learn by reading this eBook:

  • Cryptographic algorithm transitions over time
  • Cryptographic algorithms with 112-bits of security strength (or greater) through 2030
  • Cryptographic algorithms disallowed after 2023
  • Transitioning away from SHA-1
  • Perceived discrepancies in the policies surrounding the use of Triple-DES


Explore FIPS/ISO Algorithm Transitions

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