Explore the role of secure silicon in digital cinema

This eBook will help you understand the importance of secure silicon for ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information and the proper functioning of digital cinema systems. This guide was authored by the AEGISOLVE Team alongside artificial intelligence. 

Learn The Landscape of Cybersecurity for Digital Cinema

2023-02 Secure Silicon through the Lens of AI eBook Cover

What you’ll learn by reading this eBook:

  • Role of secure silicon in the digital cinema industry
  • Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) and their role in certifying secure processing blocks (SPBs) 
  • An understanding of Digital Cinema System Specification (DCSS) and Compliance Test Plan (CTP)
  • An overview of the types, functions, and requirements of SPBs
  • Concept of critical security parameters (CSPs) and the role of SPBs in protecting CSP
  • Requirements for making firmware changes to type 1 SPBs, the role of Digital Cinema certificates in authenticating these changes, and the re-certification process for modified SPBs
  • Requirements for communications robustness in digital cinema
  • The role of Digital Rights Management (DRM) in digital cinema and the various components involved in DRM
  • Security system events and responses in digital cinema and the logging requirements for security system events

Explore Secure Silicon in Digital Cinema through AI

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