Explore the Role of Secure Silicon for Digital Cinema

This eBook explores the critical role of Secure Silicon in achieving compliance with DCI CTP (Digital Cinema Initiatives Compliance Test Plan) as well as the features and functions necessary for compliance. This guide was authored by Javier Martel, Travis Spann, and AEGISOLVE Team.

Learn The Landscape of Cybersecurity for Digital Cinema

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What you’ll learn by reading this eBook:

  • Definition and importance of Secure Silicon as related to achieving compliance in DCI CTP.
  • Ten "must-have" features/functions for all DCI CTP compliant Secure Silicon devices.
  • Minimum set of cryptographic functions and associated cryptographic self-tests required in Secure Silicon for DCI CTP.
  • How to correctly manage content decryption keys, RSA key pairs, and other sensitive security parameters via Secure Silicon in DCI CTP compliant systems.
  • How to correctly implement secure firmware upgrades as per DCI CTP.
  • How to address entropy requirements as per DCI CTP.

Explore Secure Silicon for Digital Cinema

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