Explore the Lifecycle Excellence in Software Development 

This eBook explores how teams large and small can achieve lifecycle excellence in the construction and verification phases of software development. The goal is to provide readers with a basic understanding of best practices and strategies for successful software development. This guide was authored by Travis Spann, Mike McCarl, Debbie Harrington, and AEGISOLVE Team.

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What you’ll learn by reading this eBook:

  • Lifecycle Software Engineering Recommendations: Construction
  • Lifecycle Software Engineering Recommendations: Verification
  • Software Development: Large Effort/Large Team
  • Software Development: Large Effort/Small Team
  • Software Development: Small Effort/Large Team
  • Software Development: Small Effort/Small Team
  • Best Practices: Costs and Benefits
  • Code organization
  • Commenting the code
  • Version Control systems
  • Use of Design Patterns and Reusable code
  • Use of Software Development Tools

Explore Software Development Lifecycle Excellence

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